Holding Court is a series of conversations and performances connecting artists, writers, political thinkers and audiences on social issues and creative endeavors.

The concept is loosely based on the way that The UM’s founder, Noah Davis, used to hold court at his bar—drinking, smoking, and talking to his friends about love, life, politics, and art. We now invite folks from a variety of disciplines to hold court in their own way.  Our Holding Court discussion series provides unprecedented, intimate access to some of the major thinkers of our time. Previous sessions have featured luminaries such as Hilton Als and Glenn Ligon; Thelma Golden and Lorna Simpson; poets Elizabeth Alexander and Robin Coste Lewis; and activists Angela Davis and Patrisse Cullors. Each Holding Court happens against the backdrop of an exhibition. In the past, this program has generated museum attendance, encouraged repeat visits, and created multiple, interwoven cultural contexts for the artwork on display.